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In 2026, the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture will once again be awarded to a Slovak city. And we want that city to be Nitra! We see the ECOC project as a huge opportunity to strengthen the position of culture and creative industry in the city, for our presentation in Europe. But also as way of starting conversations about difficult topics about our city and ourselves - the people of Nitra. The Nitra 2026 project can help us become a city full of active and engaged citizens. A city with a clear vision, a city worth staying in.

40 mil. €

€40 mil. on culture and cultural infrastructure. According to the Slovak Ministry of Culture, €20 to 30 million shall be allocated for ECoC 2026. The remaining investments will come from the city budget, the higher territorial unit or other support schemes.

1.67 €

€1.67 for €1.00. According to the analysis of economic benefits of the ECoC 2013 – Košice project, which is the only project of this kind carried out in Slovakia, per every €1.00 invested, €1.67 is returned.


30% increase in tourism. This figure comes from evaluation of the Plzeň 2015 project, comparing overnight stays in the city in 2013 and 2015.


500 – 700 jobs. These figures come from data evaluation of Košice 2013 (1304 jobs) and Plzeň 2015 (693 jobs) projects.

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Team Nitra 2026

Team Nitra 2026 has been working on the Nitra 2026 project since March 2020, together with dozens of other cultural contributors from Nitra and its surroundings.

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