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Europe Day with the Europe At Home project – photographer Ester Sabik

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For a long time, the pandemic separated us not only from the people but also from other countries. We did not have the opportunity to travel and get to know other cultures, we stayed at home. Despite the limitations, art persisted in our homes and we are glad to be able to celebrate it today – on Europe Day! 🎉

Together with photographer Ester Sabik and beginning author Michaela Čajkovičová, we, as Nitra 2026, joined the Europe At Home project, which connects cities all over Europe through art! In the project of candidate city Faro 2027 you will find texts and photographs by authors from various European countries, their experience, a look at a time full of changes and limitations. We are glad that thanks to this project we can be a part of Europe, not just today.

Enjoy the FRAGILE collection by Ester. Translastion: Martin Zaujec.

“These photographs come from a larger series, which I started working on in the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. These pictures capture moments of my daily life. Family life, home still lifes, nature sceneries, changing of the seasons.”

 — the beauty of everyday life — calmness of flowing time — touch of eternity — existence

Grandfather – the loss of a beloved one, forever present.
Nebulous future, the fragile line of presence.
The day of bloom and snowfall.
Slow mornings, drowning in a cup of coffee.
Time for sunset, day-to-day. 
Mirroring realities, in pictures, behind screens.
Sprouting of a new life. 
Close friendships from a distance.
Cocooned. Patient. Waiting.   

More about Ester 👇

Ester is a 2020 graduate of Bratislava’s AFAD, Department of Photography and New Media. In 2018, she studied at ENSP in Arles, France, through the Erasmus program. Ester focuses mostly on analog photography, but pushes the medium’s boundaries. We can see performance, site specific installations or fragile objects in her works, reflecting observations of the present moment. Her works capture the unique fragility of being as she digs deep into the questions of the soul with gentle symbolism, often even existential connotations referring to fundamental quantities such as light, time and matter. Her work was selected to the book publication 2020 Fresh Eyes about 100 emerging photography talents from Europe. You can find more information about Ester on her website or Instagram.