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Lithuanian ECoC Kaunas 2022 goes from temporary to contemporary

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Kaunas, Lithuania, will be the European Capital of Culture in 2022. This will give it an excellent opportunity to draw attention to itself and stand out from its “rival” – the capital Vilnius, just 100 kilometres away. The main motive of the ECoC initiative is to awaken the city and its inhabitants. Head of the marketing team Mindaugas Reinikis told us more about Kaunas 2022 project with the subtitle “From temporary to contemporary”.

Hi Mindaugas. Introduce yourself as a team member and your city in a few sentences.

We’re Marketing and Communication team of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022. I am proud head of the team. Kaunas is a green city in the middle of Lithuania on the banks of two rivers where you can not escape culture. Cozy Old town and European heritage labeled Interbellum modernism (

What is your ECoC project about?

Kaunas 2022: “From temporary to contemporary”This invitation to join us on our journey is also a call to start a dialogue. To speak with the history and identity of our city. Thanks to the title of the temporary capital (1919–1940), Kaunas became a modern European city. Today we have another opportunity achieved for us not by the politicians, but by professionals and enthusiasts of culture. We strive to maintain the same passion awakening a city which is modern, innovative, friendly to its residents and guests. Mythical Beast of Kaunas is a programme for creation of the collective narrative, during which local residents create the contemporary legend of Kaunas and Kaunas district and will celebrate it during the major events of 2022 together with the entire Europe.

What is the biggest change that the ECoC title has brought to your city so far?

Consciousness, that would be the biggest change.
For example, one of our programmes – Fluxus Labs –  is designed to awaken people of Kaunas microdistricts and towns of Kaunas district and it is closely related to the programme for culture professionals Wake It, Shake It. In the latter, we learn about audience development, including into our projects as diverse communities as possible, developing creativity and collaborative practices. Fluxus Labs includes more open and tightly-knitted neighbourhoods, as well as community art projects, colourful community celebrations, volunteering and hospitality born out of neighbourly conversations.

If you had to say the best thing a project has brought to your life, what would it be?


What is your personal “heart project” of Kaunas 2022 and why?

I’d say it is Memory office because it opens up and explains the city as it used to be before generations. 

Describe people of your city in 3 words.
Active, curious, creative.

Thanks for the interview, Mindaugas!