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Our Bid Book is translated into Slovak

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Huge thanks to everyone who worked on the translation for months and made the Bid Book for ECOC 2026 available to everyone who is interested in learning more about our candidacy.

ENG translation is available here –

The Bid Book is a comprehensive document that describes the concept of our candidacy, in which we define Nitra as the Breaking Point. The space where culture and art serve as catalysts for finding solutions. The space where habits, mechanisms and relationships are confronted, examined, thought-through and put back together better and healthier.

If you do not have the time to read it, you will also find a short version of the most important things on the Bid Book subpage mentioned below.

The Andrej & Andrej design studio, recent winners of the National Design Award 2020 in the New Appearance category, worked on the illustrations of both versions of the Bid Book (ENG, SK), which makes us all the more pleased that one of the Andrejs (Andrej Barčák) is a native of Klokočina!