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Team Nitra 2026

Marián Tesák

project manager – programme, project management
Graduate of the screenwriting department of the Film and TV Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. In 2014, Marián and a group of friends founded FLAAM, a multi-genre festival, which in 7 years has grown into one of the most well-known boutique summer festivals in Slovakia. In recent years, he has gained experience as a production or stage manager at Pohoda, Sharpe, Bratislava Design Week and Dobrý Trh festivals. Since 2016, he has been working as PR manager for Itafilm, a film distribution company and the exclusive representative of Sony Pictures in Slovakia, where he has worked on campaigns for dozens, mostly Hollywood films. As a freelancer, he collaborated on various projects with RTVS (Radio and Television of Slovakia), the State Theater in Košice and the Slovak Design Centre.

3x music: Bon Iver, Car Seat Headrest, Arctic Monkeys
3x film: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, In Bruges, Darjeeling Limited
3x book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams), Catch-22 (Joseph Heller), Naiv. Super. (Erlend Loe)

Irena Lehocká

project manager – administration, finance
Ever since her childhood more of a bookworm than a sportswoman, therefore she studied to be a teacher of Slovak language and literature in combination with philosophy at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. At the University of Žilina, she helped launch the first Cambridge Centre in town and tested students from the region, while teaching foreigners Slovak language. After returning to Nitra, she was teaching, again, the Slovak language at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra and as an Erasmus coordinator she helped students to travel abroad. Nowadays she works as a project manager on the Nitra Creative Centre project at the Nitra Municipal Office. Participatory projects in the field of working with young people and vulnerable groups have grown close to her heart. She is raising two sons.

3x music: Foo Fighters, The Sounds, Happy Cocks
3x film: Todo sobre mi madre, Dom, Tenacious D
3x book: Rozum (Rudo Sloboda), Prvá a posledná láska (Pavel Vilikovský), Patagónia (Dušan Mitana)

Janka Popovicsová

programme coordinator, partnerships, Nitro project
Janka studied editing and publishing at Comenius the Philosopher University in Nitra, where she continued her doctoral studies in literary theory. In 2017, she became a project manager for the independent cultural centre Hidepark Nitra, where she has been working as a volunteer since 2015. Today, her responsibilities within Hidepark include dramaturgy, coordination of volunteers and financial management for more than 60 events per year. In addition, she works at the Nitra Volunteer Centre, where she helps with the organization of Volunteer Week and Srdce na dlani (volunteer recognition ceremony), helps with creative writing courses for children and organizes various events in the city, such as the Night of Literature and PechaKucha Night Nitra.

3x music: Massive attack, Nouvelle vague, Fallgrapp
3x film: Pulp fiction, Philadelphia, Mr. Nobody
3x book: La solitudine dei numeri primi (Paolo Giordano), Doppler (Erlend Loe), Toxo (Ivana Dobrakovová)

Anna Šimončičová

programme coordinator, partnerships, audience development
Cultural manager and graduate of the Department of Culturology at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. During her doctoral studies, she focused on the topic of cultural events, monitoring their socio-cultural effects and links with cultural heritage. Since 2014, she has been participating in the preparation of the international festival Divadelná Nitra, where she started as a volunteer during her student days. Within the Divadelná Nitra Association, she focuses on program management, international projects and relationships. She is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the international participatory project Be SpectACTive! Since 2018, she has been holding the position of Deputy Director of the Divadelná Nitra festival.

3x music: Ennio Morricone, Hana Hegerová, Kalàscima
3x film: Postřižiny, Ostro sledované vlaky, The Babushkas of Chernobyl
3x book: Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren), Zazie dans le métro (Raymond Queneau), Slovensko 3 Ľud II. Časť (ethnological literature)

Miro Zwiefelhofer

programme coordinator
He graduated in theater studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He was a member of the board for foreign theater of the Divadelná Nitra festival, a member of the dramaturgical board of the Nová dráma festival, as a jury he participates in amateur theater shows as a part of the Scénická žatva festival and he also cooperated with KioSk Festival. He publishes theater critics in the magazine Kód, in Rádio_FM, Rádio Devín, in the magazine Javisko, in daily magazines Pravda and Sme, on the web portal, or for the online project Monitoring divadiel (Monitoring of theatres). He was a producer and literary manager at Studio 12. He is one of the programme coordinators at the Divadelná Nitra festival, with which he also collaborates on the Be SpectACTive! project. He also works as a librarian at the Andrej Bagar Theater.

3x music: Beastie Boys, Vydrapená Bužírka Punk System, Madness
3x film: Machete 2, Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life
3x book: Roger Krowiak (kol.), Der kurze Brief zum langen Abschied (Peter Handke), Náš hokej (Vladimír Dobrovodský, Miroslav Hucek

Katka Melichová

data analyst, strategy, outreach
Graduate of the Department of Regional and Local Development at Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, where she also works as a teacher and researcher. She focuses on local and regional development, public policies, participatory strategic planning and community development, public sector economics, spatial statistics and research methodology. In her dissertation she dealt with cultural and creative spheres, in research she deals with spatial disparities, human and social capital and the institutional environment and community networks. She collaborated on the creation of strategic documents of municipalities, regional self-government and local action groups. She is currently the local coordinator of the European Horizon 2020 project IN-HABIT.

3x music: Muse, Blue Öyster Cult, Twenty One Pilots
3x film: Snatch, Fargo, Four Rooms
3x book: Anthem of Democratic Youth (Serhij Zadan), The Twelve Chairs (Ilf and Petrov), Black Swan (Nassim Taleb)

Zuzana Novotová Godálová

programme coordinator, partnerships
Contemporary fine art graduate at Sheffield Hallam University. Lived in Sheffield and New York, now she lives in Bratislava and Topoľčany. Founder and main art director of the independent art centre Platform 1–12 in Topoľčany, situated in an underpass of the local bus station. In her work she focuses on conceptual installations and (often interactive) objects, using public spaces as a means of communication. In 2012, her projects became a part of the Asking Architecture exhibition at Venice Biennale of Architecture. In 2018, as a curator of the B. and M. Kubinsky project CACHE, she received the White Cube award. Since 2016, she has been focusing on her own work in the Platform 1–12 author project – performance with interdisciplinary overlap.

3x music: PJ Harvey, Kraftwerk, Nina Simone
3x film: Lost Highway, Night on Earth, Locke
3x book: A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess), Ways of Seeing (John Berger), Seeing Is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees (Robert Irwin)

Martin Zaujec

production manager
Self-proclaimed swiss army knife of culture. Graduate of the Translation studies and Interpreting at Comenius University in Bratislava, combining English language and culture with Croatian language and culture. Besides translating and proofreading he does a lot of other activities, working as a freelance light designer, occasional online and offline support technician, festival promoter, stage manager and co-founder of the Nitra-based FLAAM festival. Last, but not least, he is a music producer and an active and versatile musician, playing guitar, synths, drums and vocals in bands like Bad Karma Boy, LANNNE, or LUVVER, where he is also a booking agent and band manager.

3x music: Enter Shikari, Kiasmos, Sigur Rós
3x film: Rubber, New Kids Turbo, Melancholia
3x book: Waiting for the Punch (Marc Maron), Circus Shardam (Daniil Kharms), I’m Just A Person (Tig Notaro)

Andrej Barčák & Andrej Čanecký

visual identity
Collaborative design studio Andrej & Andrej, founded in 2014 by designers Andrej Barčák and Andrej Čanecký, graduates of the Department of Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Their clients include Sensorium Festival, Fashion Live!, AEN Group, Slovak National Library, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, FLAAM Festival, Energy Manifest Conference and the Public Defender of Rights. They received various awards for their projects; the Jedenástka project was exhibited at the International Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno 2018 and won the main prize at Best in Design, Zlin 2016. Andrej Barčák is also the winner of the National Design Award 2018. In June 2020, an interview with them was published on the headline of the prestigious British design website It’s Nice That.

Working groups

Since March, the project team has been working on the Nitra 2026 project together with dozens of other cultural contributors from Nitra and its surroundings, putting together the artistic programme for the application.

Marián Tesák (festival promoter and cultural manager, FLAAM Festival)
Raymond Kaňa (concert promoter, Double Head Live)
Klaus Stracke (booker and promoter, KS Music)
Peter Škorec (musician, booker and promoter)
Martin Zaujec (musician, festival promoter, LUVVER / FLAAM Festival)

Visual art
Omar Mirza (curator, Nitra Gallery)
Jana Mináriková (filmmaker, university teacher)
Zuzana Novotová Godálová (Platform 1-12, Topoľčany)
Jana Godálová Kianičková (Platform 1-12, Topoľčany)
Magdaléna Klobučníková (Ernest Zmeták Art Gallery in Nové Zámky)
Kati Decsi (creative artist)
Jana Farmanová (creative artist)
Dominika Lehocká (creative artist)
Slávka Laurová (creative artist)
Juraj Kusy (product designer)

Theatre & dance
Anna Šimončičová (deputy director, Divadelná Nitra)
Miro Zwiefelhofer (critic, programme coordinator, Divadelná Nitra)
Marica Šišková (director, teacher at J. Rosinský Arts Elementary School in Nitra)
Slavka Civáňová (educational programme and public relations coordinator)
Silvia Bartáková (theatre department specialist, Regional Educational Centre)
Nikoleta Tužínska (dramaturge, Karol Spišák Old Theatre in Nitra)
Katarína Cvečková (Theatre Reviewer)
Miroslav Ballay (theatre critic, head of the Department of Culturology at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra)
Veronika Gabčíková (dramaturge, Nové Divadlo)
Róberta Štepánková (dancer and choreographer)
Ondrej Spišák (director and directing manager of Teatro Tatro)
Diana Miklášová (manager, Private Music School in Nitra)
Róbert Mačkay (performing arts student, founder of Magorov Jeruzalem)
Michal Ditte (dramaturge and directing manager of Divadlo Pôtoň)
Iva Ditte Jurčová (director a artistic director of Divadlo Pôtoň)

Architecture & urbanism & environment
Viktor Šabík (chief architect of Nitra and professional guarantor)
Milan Csanda (architect)
Veronika Očadlíková (architect)
Štefan Lančarič (head of Environment Department, Nitra Municipal Office)
Erik Král (landscape architect)
Attila Tóth (landscape architect, lecturer)
Jakub Samuel (architect)
Lívia Dulíková (architect)
Lenka Lovišková (architect)
Peter Mezei (architect)
Tibor Zelenický (architect)
Vladimír Jarabica (architect)

Literature, film & pop culture
Juraj Malíček (teacher in pop culture)
Robert Petrík (collector of board games, gaming consoles, etc.)
Štefan Timko (teacher in theatre, film and literature)
Natália Mitková (teacher in literature)

Cultural tourism
Zuzana Pálenčíková (head of Tourism Department, Faculty of Central European Studies, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra)
Daniel Balko (Nitra vice mayor)
Ivona Fraňová (president of AICES, lecturer at Comenius the Philosopher University in Nitra)
Martin Záruba (Nitra self-Governing region)
Marta Hároníková (executive director of Nitra Tourist Board)
Danka Póčiková (Nitra Tourist Board)
Michal Molčan (founder and managing editor of the coffee magazine Standart)
Katka Kompasová (teacher, Department of Culture and Tourism Management, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra)
Tereza Zaujecová (head of tourism department, Tourist Information Centre Nitra)
Alena Pivarčiová (tourism department)

Martina Hrozenská (Social Service Department, Nitra Municipal Office)
Ivana Boboňová (Iuventa, Department for Young People, Nitra Municipal Office)
Ľubica Ľachká (Nitra Community Foundation)
Jana Andreasová (Nitra Volunteer Centre)
Andrea Hugáňová Kosírová (STORM Association)
Beata Miškovičová (Slovak Red Cross)
Miriam Bošelová (Mareena)
Ľubica Pavelová (Centre for Family)
Silvia Morávková (BUDÚCNOSŤ, non-profit organisation)
Lucia Richterová (Siedas)
Zuzana Blaháková (ambassador for community work, Nitra Municipal Office)
Klaudia Šugrová (KlauDIA)
Mária Končeková (Úsmev ako dar)
Klára Labošová (St. Rafael Charity House)
Juraj Barát (Nitra Diecese Charity)

Cultural heritage
Lenka Olejárová (Za oblôčkom project)
Peter Keresteš (managing director, The State Archive in Nitra)
Peter Bednár (archaeologist, Slovak Academy of Sciences)
Margita Jagerová (ethnologist, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra)
Silvia Eliášová (historian, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra)
Ivan Štosel (entrepreneur, craft brand Pohan)
Pavol Francúz (jeweller)
Tomáš Blažek (Guild of Slovak Bagpipers)
Daniel Balko (Nitra vice mayor)
Róbert Žilík (musician, wood-carver)
Linda Štulajterová (Regional Education Centre, publications on folklore)
Daniela Gundová (Regional Education Centre, managing director)
Peter Jurkovič (managing director, Regional Monuments Board)